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MOKS is Lucid Flows, LOU-RIP and JKR70 and was created as an outlet for them to have fun, to be creative without all the stress that goes along with being in a "music group" A few years ago Lucid approached JKR70  and said "hey man, why don't you just sample whatever tracks that you want to sample, and have fun with it, don't worry about  sample clearance, the popularity or release date of the tracks you choose to sample, and then Lou and I will write to the tracks that you come up with, lets take it back to when all of this was FUN" And so they did.


Lucid Flows


Lucid Flows - Government name: Daniel Bartle


I've been rapping for more than 2 decades. First as "Lucid", and then adding the "Flows" as more rappers began donning the same name.

I am also a multi-disciplinary visual artist, who specializes in mural painting and illustration.


Music background:

I played trombone from 3rd grade thru senior year of high school, in jazz, concert & symphonic bands. As well as baritone in a marching band. 


Crew affiliations:

Human CropCircles



Previous releases:

Project: Lucid - released in 2010

KCMC - released in 2012

One Man Posse, Tik Tik Boom, MxD, 3AT (Singles & music videos released in 2019)



Dallas, TX

Raised in Denver, CO

I moved to KCMO in '98, to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. Linked with the local hip hop and arts scene at the time, found my home therein. 


My biggest musical influences are

The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharaohe Monch, DJ Shadow, Jeru the Damaja, too many to name them all...


I can be reached at...

IG - @lucidflows 

email -



LOU-RIP Government name: Jevon Eugene Fisher

I have been Rapping for over 30 years and still at it.

Previous releases:

Vestige Autonomy, Joe Average,Undefinable and Rhymdotte


Crew affiliations:

Soul Servers



Kansas City, Kansas

Lives in:

Olathe, Kansas

Biggest musical influences:

Rakim, NWA, Public Enemy, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Outkast and many more


I can be reached at...

Instagram: @louizrip

Facebook: Louiz Rip




JKR70 - Government name: Richard Merrill Lester


I have been a Music Producer, Audio-Engineer, Visual Artist and Photographer for 23 years.

Previous releases:

Human Pride And The Lack Thereof

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

Tienanmen Square

Constant Movement

Project Lucid


The Chocolate EP

Audio Black Book

Rumpus In These Horns Of Mine

Crew Affiliations:

Human CropCircles


Born: Kansas City, Missouri

Lives in: Kansas City, Kansas

Musical Influences:

DJ Shadow, R2D2, Alias, Anticon, EL-P,

Rage Against The Machine, Run The Jewels, SOHN, James Blake and so many more.

I can be reached at...


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